Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What to do when Car Accident in Malaysia

This is my personal experience of serious car accident. My car was bang by a another car from behind when I am waiting  for traffic light, The impact was very strong and my car was push to bang another car in font of me. Below the procedure on how I claim the insurance and get my car repaired.

1.When serious car accident happen, stay claim and check for injury and safeguard you valuable belonging, wallet & phone.

2.Call the police

3. Take photo of the involved car road tax, contact phone, photo of the accident from far and closeup.

4. Some Insurance claim assistant (Call man) from certain workshop, might offer you their help to help you claim your insurance and fix your car at their workshop and you no need to pay a cent. (If you car in under warranty, must sure you only call your own insurance company for help, do not use third party insurance agent) If you are using third party call man, They will get you to sign an authority form to authorize them to tow your car to their workshop to repair.

5. The insurance claim assistant will tow your car and all cars involved together with you to the police station in charge for that area to make police report, The insurance claim assistant will guide you on the statement and keyword, your cars broken parts you need to write in your police report, to will make you easier to claim the insurance. After police report, you will meet the inspector and you will need to describe to him the detail of the accident. He will investigate the case and give you the result in 2 weeks in most of the case.

6. You will need to submit to your insurance claim assistant, a copy of the following :-

Insurance Policy / Car cover note
Vehicle registration card
Owner's driving license & IC
Driver's driving license & IC (If driver is not the owner of the car)
Borang 9 & 49 (For company)
7. After few days you will need to go to the workshop to sign the insurance claim form. If you insurance is under insured, you might need to topup money for the repair, if you are claiming other people insurance, you will need to topup the money yourself first and then claim from his insurance company, It could take up to 3 months for you to get back your money.

8. When you car is ready for collection, you will sign a discharge form as proof to workshop that you collected your car. This is time when you pay the 'topup' to the workshop if you insurance is under insured. And the time you sign a form to claim the 'topup' form the people who knocked you (any applicable).
Normally the workshop will give you warranty period for your car, in my case is 3 months.

9. In serious case, like mine. you will need to send your car to be tested at Puspakom.

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