Friday, November 21, 2014

Red Sofa Bed from Home's Harmony Malaysia

I am now living in a small studio apartment, I need an extra bed for my guest to sleep so I was searching for a good looking sofa bed, affordable, at the same time also can be a comfortable bed at the night. After visited many of the furniture shops including IKEA, I found what I want in Home's Harmony. It is a Bight Red two seater sofa bed. The original price is RM1899 and Now they are doing end year promotion sales. So I can get it with 20% discount. After discount is RM1519.20. They charge RM50 for delivery. Still it is a good deal I think.

When it is a sofa, bright red and elegant

Big 2 person bed :)

To turn the sofa into bed, you just need to pull the extra leg underneath the sofa at the font (there are wheels at the leg so it wont scratch your floor), move the 2 small cushion away and unfold the big cushion. The sofa use a series of wooden slats to support the mattress, so it is very soft and comfortable to sit or sleep on it.

Other Cheaper option Sofa bed I found in other furniture shop

RM799 (Not including delivery RM140)

RM799 (Not including delivery RM140)

RM799 (free shipping)

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