Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to drill a cable hole for IKEA Tv Carbinet

I recently bought an IKEA Tv Carbinet that is without a cable hole so I decided to drill it by myself. I bought this Lock Installation Kits from Mr DIY for just RM4.80. The kits come with 3 Items, a hole saw, wood bit and a hole saw mandrel.

You need to drill a small hole in the centre of where you want to drill the hole. then place the drill bit inside the hole saw when you drill the hole. The drill bit acts as a guide, without it, your hole saw when slide away once you press the power button. That was what happened to my furniture :( Then only I realized the problem and start just drill the centre small hole.)

If the board is too thick, you just have to drill the second half from another side of the board.

Done! that simple. Tips. It is better not to drill the side of the board if it is the tv carbinet from IKEA because the side is a more compacted wood while the centre of the board is basically just cardboard.

This is what the centre of the board is made of

The hole is not ugly but you can cover them with the table hole cover

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